Look inside and not to the side!

Tell me, is so hard each one lives his own life?

Why is it more interesting look at the side than to look inside?

As the old saying: “If advice was good, we did not. We sold “!

People don’t understand that there is something called threshold, which determines how far we can go, what is ours and what belongs to others. Living the life of others is easier, because then the cowards hiding their own truths, fleeing the reflection of reality, because it is more cruel than the image in the mirror.

We can not say “no” to what exists. As hard as it is, however sad that leave us: it is preferable to fall, go to the bottom, creating forces and return to the surface, than to live in the shadow of other people, living a life that is not yours.

Do not try to wriggle out of their fears and insecurities pointing out the faults of others, be sure, one day life will knock on your door to settle accounts.


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